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3d Photo Booth

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What is a 3D photobooth?

A bullet time photo booth, sometimes referred to as a 3d Photo booth or Array photo booth,  is the ultimate in event photography.

This innovative photography technique captures a split second in time to ‘freeze frame’ your guests.  A 3D photo booth utilises multiple cameras set on an arc.  Each camera fires at the same time: taking the same shot but from a slightly different angle.  These multiple still images are knitted to form a Gif, making the guest appear 3D.

The capture can catch a split-second in time so anything like a jump or a hair flick are mastered.

How does a 3d photobooth work?

A 3D photo booth utilises up to 12 cameras in an arc which all fire at the same time; taking 12 photographs each from a slightly different angle.

Once the content is created it is pinged instantly to our industry-leading GIFGIF software where the guest can see their image, send to themselves via SMS and share instantly on their preferred social network.

We can also add a GDPR compliant step into the journey and add a data-capture form so your guests can add in their email address.  Plus as all images are shared via our platform we can provide a stats report at the end of the campaign to show how many GIFs were taken and where they were shared.

Celebrity photography styles

Bullet time booths have been used across the pond for a whole range of celebrity events, here is one of our absolute faves, featuring none other than Queen Bee herself.


Why are 3d Photobooths so great?

3d photobooths are next-level in terms of event and marketing campaign photography.  The content uses top of the range DSLR cameras so each image is perfectly crisp and along with studio style lighting it means guests can look their best.  By combing this multi-cam booth with our own GIFGIF software means the user-journey is exactly the same as for GIFGIF . The ease of sending via SMS means we can maximise share rates and decrease drop-off.

What does a bullet time photobooth look like?

There are a umber of things to think about when it comes to how you want the bullet time Photobooth to look.

  • Lighting – Our Bullet Time booth comes with two studio lights to make your guests look their best.
  • Set – You can really go to town with the set for this.  You can have seats, bikes, a bed – the list is endless.
  • Backdrop –  A corner backdrop works best, this can be just plain printed coloured backdrop or it could be a living floral wall, balloon backdrop, pom poms or anything else that takes your fancy.  Something with colour and texture helps to amplify the 3d effect.
  • Overlays – These can feature your brand and key messages at the end of the video or throughout the footage.

What’s next from LOOKLOOK?

As well as developing the bullet time photobooth we have also been designing our very own custom Video Effects Suite which can take user-generated content and manipulate it in line with your brief.  This will be a really powerful tool to create completely on-brand user content for your brand.

Get in touch for more information,  [email protected]



Benefit’s ‘Bold Is Beautiful’ Project

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This Spring we are lucky enough to partner with Benefit Cosmetics on their Bold is Beautiful project.  We worked with them by providing a Gif booth in store at their Spittalfield’s boutique and their Carnaby Street flagship store.

Benefit host the Bold Is Beautiful Project every year to raise money for their favourite charities.  This year the two charities involved are Refuge: a charity aimed at helping domestic abuse survivors, and LOOK GOOD FEEL BETTER who improve the quality of life for people undergoing cancer treatment.


You can get involved in a number of ways, including;

  • Drop into the Benefit cosmetics  boutique and donate to use the Benefit Gif booth

  • Visit any Benefit Brow Bar in May and 100% profits will go direct to the two charities: Refuge and LOOK GOOD FEEL BETTER


So far the project has raised over £100,000 and counting.   Our Spittalfield’s gif booth is set-up so that you can donate £1  via the till point to the charity when you use the booth.    Each GIF is completely customised, as it the entire user-journey from the SMS text to the social share captions.


GIFGIF is perfect for in-store activations due to it’s small, compact size. Benefit chose to have multiple animated overlays featuring their superhero icon which looks great and increases brand recognition for the project when shared online.


We are delighted to be working with Benefit and supporting two well deserving charities by raising funds and raising profile for them.  For the beginning of the campaign, customers could engage with the Carnaby Street gif booth for the first few weeks and Spittalfields for the last two weeks.

The project runs until the 2nd June so get on down to the Spitalfield’s gif booth and get involved.


If you’d like to speak to us about an in-store photo, immersive photo experience or brand experience get in touch with [email protected]   We have a range of Off-the-shelf solutions including an Array booth or 3D photo booth, photo booths with custom video after effects and can help you to increase brand affinity and score NPS points with your customers.