Level Up Your Video Booth Hire with Video Effects VFX

Video Booth For Events

Video Booth Hire UK Just Got a Whole Lot More Exciting.

We love coming up with new ideas and concepts for event photo booth hire. And it doesn’t get better than the new Video Booth Hire VFX.

For instance, your guests can be the frontman/woman in their own MTV-worthy music video or be the star in your latest marketing campaign with VFX Video Booth Rental.

The video booth from LOOKLOOK is a powerful editing suite, it’s no ordinary video booth rental. Our custom-designed photobooth software captures video footage of your guests on-site and within seconds can add filters, edits, energetic cuts, music and more to make the content look incredible.

Furthermore, the endless effects and finishes you can create with VFX Video Booth rental makes the content look like nothing else out there. No more lengthy editing suites or days in post-production. You can brief us on how you want the content to look and we can make that happen. The effect is then pre-loaded into the software for your guests to co-create with on-site.  

Firstly, your guests record their video for a few seconds on-site using the video booth hire london kit and then the effects are applied instantly that are completely in-sync with your brand or campaign.

Secondly, your guests enter their phone number and receive their video. Content is ready to share in an instant on socials.

Therefore, this format gives you immediate cut-through as the content is totally on-brand and specific to your campaign.

What’s included in the Video Photo Booth Hire?

Everything you need for your campaign or event is included in our Video Photo Booth Rental packages. Including:

Hardware: touch screen, ring light, stand. You can choose between a simple stand or a branded plinth set up.

Video Photo Booth Software: The effects would be pre-loaded into our custom photo booth software

Staff:  Video Booths for Events can be unmanned, but we recommend having one member of staff in attendance.

Video Booth UK Prices

Our video booth rental costs are dependant on the length of hire and the location of your event. We cover the whole of the UK from our offices in London and Edinburgh. The length of hire can range from one day for events, one week or month for longer campaigns, all the way up to one year to cover clients looking for a video booth to buy.


As with all our Photo Booth Hire options, you can customise the user-journey to be completely aligned with your campaign.

For instance, you can customise the artwork such as the start button and Gif Overlay.

Furthermore, you can customise the copy your guests receive with their SMS and the copy they use when sharing on socials such as Facebook and Twitter.

Video Booth Data Capture

We can add a Data Capture step to gather email addresses from your event attendees if growing your mailing list is a prioroity. Always a win for ROI.

Is a Video Booth Right for my Activation?

Our sole purpose is to create brand love for your brands and products. Our job us is to make you look good in the eyes of your customers. VFX Video Booth Rental puts the power in your hands to create with us the best, most awesome content of your customers. Your customers want to feel special and creating a fun video photo booth experience will delight them. Furthermore, you are offering them the chance to fill their social feeds with content that makes them look great.

Video Content Is On The Rise

Video content is seeing a huge surge in popularity as customers get more used to creating it on the likes of TikTok and Instagram Reels for brands. Customers can’t create these VFX Video Booth Effects at home so there is extra incentive to share.

For this reason, VFX Video Booth shoots in portrait mode making it perfect for sharing on Instagram Stories. This is relevant as 1 in 4 Millennials look to Instagram Stories for products and services they want to buy.

To see LOOKLOOK’s Video Booth examples take a look at the campaign we worked on with Junk Yard Golf Club for the opening of their new London venue.

Video Effects Booth

Maximum Sharability

The recent work we did with Junk Yard Golf Club utilised a glitch effect, colour saturation, zoom and drop frames to create a music video feel.

The popularity of this content saw over an 80% share rate from guests on-site.


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