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If you are responsible for marketing your venue, whether that is a leisure venue, visitor attraction, bar or retail store. You may have considered whether or not to buy a photo booth uk. Of course, this isn’t limited to just photobooths for sale. It could be you are interested in buy a gif photobooth or video booth for sale.

You can greatly increase the experience your customer has when you buy a photo booth for your venue.  You can really harness the power of user-generated content when you give your customers the tools to create fun, shareable content, with your branding. By enabling your customers to do the hard work for you, they share your content with their networks. 

Give your customer experience a boost with an insta-worthy Photo Experience.

Here we take a look into the buy a photo booth uk service from LOOKLOOK. Later we will look at how creating a photo moment and installing a permanent gif booth is about so much more than a fluffy extra.

How does the Photo Booth work?

The Selfie Pod for sale works in the same way as our award-winning GIF booth hire. The customer touches the screen to press the start button, or our touch-free photo booth system offers a COVID-secure interface. After pressing the start button there is a 3-second countdown before the camera fires.

The customer then poses for their photo, gif or video. The next screen on the touch screen is a preview of their image where they can select ‘share’ and then enter their phone number to receive the image.

Custom Photo Booth

One of the most valuable things when looking for a photo booth to buy, is customisation. The ability to completely customise the content to your needs is vital. Check out our video below for a summary of the customisation options.

Photobooth For Marketing Events

If you are looking to buy a photo booth uk or install a permanent gif booth, then consider your marketing strategy. A permanent phootbooth can have real bang for your buck in terms of your positive word of mouth. When your customers share your content, they are effectively using positive word of mouth about your brand to their friends and followers.

“Since using GIFGIF on a long term basis, we’ve seen an increase in our social following, which consequently has positively affected our sales.”

“From a marketing perspective, these guys are a great partner to work with, they totally understand the current and will accommodate, suggest and support you and your business needs.”

Junkyard Golf Club

Grow Your Mailing List with a Photo Booth

One of the reasons our clients choose to work with us is to grow their mailing list.  Using our GDPR-compliant forms we can collect names and email through the permanent installation photo booth. Furthermore, you can ask further questions, such as asking them to prove their age, as part of the photo booth user-journey. 

In just a few taps the data is collected from your customers and added to your existing mailing list.

Data Capture Form

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What is included in the Photo Booth For Sale offering?

gif booth to buy photo booth for venues

As part of the photo booth for sale offering you receive the following:

Photo Booth Hardware for sale

Hardware – this includes the camera and touch-screen, ring light and a simple stand.

We can help design a permanent custom photo booth shell that fits your needs.

Photo Booth Software for sale

Software – all our permanent photo booths, gif booths and video booths are app based. When you sign up to buy a photo booth from us you get a 12-month licence for the software. This includes hosting and SMS costs.

gif booth software

Account Service

We truly value our long-term hire clients and provide account service that covers reporting, how to get the most out of your photo booth, gif booth or video booth.  We also provide troubleshooting and free updates to cool new features. 

How Much does the Photo Booth for Sale service cost?

We offer software only or hardware and software together. Our licenses are for 12 months. Get in touch with [email protected] for more details.

Customer Experience Matters

The interaction your customers have with your brand, from the on-site ambience to the vibe of your staff to the toilets or changing rooms – all inform the customer’s perceptions of your company.

The custoemrs perception of your comapny is made up of the interaction they have with your brand. From the

Having a unique photo-moment as part of your brand experience delivers that surprise and delight moment – right where it matters. By delivering something of added-value such as a unique photo they can share on social – they get something fun, for free and ultimately braggable.

We are massive fans of the Museum Of Ice-Cream in the states.  They have rooms upon rooms of photo moments that literally have people queuing round the block.  They have taken a visitor attraction and given it an insta-famous makeover. It is deemed so aspirational that people travel for miles because they want to post content of them visiting. You know the one – they want to re-create a music-video or capture a gif of them doing some crazy move.

There’s also The Zone which is a Britney Spears Pop-up featuring various rooms from her most famous music videos. Who doesn’t want to sit in Britney’s class while she watches the clock ready to bust out of school.

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