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Experiential Marketing Agency

With a specialism in

photo booth technology

Experiential Marketing directly engages consumers in live experiences. Rather than the consumer being a passive participant, consumers are actively involved and are co-creators within the event.

We are a Brand Experience Agency with a specialism in photo booth technology. We know the youth market and can activate your brand creating super-fans in the process.

Studies show that customers prefer this type of marketing as it is highly engaging and memorable.   Furthermore, a recent study by Event Track found that up 97% of attendees to a brand activation have strong purchase intent and go on to become brand advocates. (Event Track, 2016)

Most experiential campaigns are created around a central custom photo experience. This is then combined with sampling and data collection. Furthermore, consumers love to create photo content on-site and then share this with their networks.  A photo experience is a very shareable piece of content and can lead to high engagement. 

Our work utilises our most popular photo booth technology. This includes, a gif photo booth hire, video booth, bullet-time photobooth or a custom photo experience just for your brand. Some of our favourite campaigns are detailed below….

Experiential Marketing Agency London

We can create a strategy that will bring your brand to life from our offices in London and Edinburgh.  We focus on creating memorable brand activations with custom photo booth experiences. 

To do this, the first step is Creative Ideation where our team get to work on coming up with the Big Idea.  The next step, once the idea is in place we get to work across production, staffing, logistics, project management and sampling.

Experiential Marketing Benefits

Experiential Marketing plays on the senses and emotions.  It is difficult to become a brand advocate in a transactional setting such as making a purchase online. However, jumping into a ball pool photo booth, having fun in a  music video photo booth or posing for a fashion shoot whilst also sampling the product is engaging.

Therefore, Brand Activations are a way for brands to give back to their customers and they are rewarded for doing so.  Recent research from Agency EA, shows that Experiential and Events are the most successful marketing tactics for this year.

Our Brand Activation Work

Above you will find Experiential Marketing case-studies where we have utilised our photo technology and brand activation skill set.  All of our projects utilises our unique photo technology and custom photo experiences. Our clients choose us due to our experience coupled with creativity. In summary, we provide strategic ideas, timelines, staffing, production and project management.

Our clients come to us with their Product Launches, Influencer Campaigns, Brand Engagement Strategy, Opening Parties, Retail Stores and Events. the sectors we work in are across Beauty, Fashion, Retail and Leisure sectors. We are immensely proud of our on-going client relationships and our work history.