Charlotte Tilbury x GIFGIF – How LOOKLOOK Became Window Stars

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Kate Moss. Kim Kardashian. Gigi Hadid. Cara Delevigne. Just a few of the superstars that world-renowned makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury has worked with over the years – she’s the crème de la crème… or crème de la Magic Cream –the name of one of her much-loved products from her stunning beauty range.

Charlotte Tilbury with Kim Kardashian

Charlotte Tilbury with Kim Kardashian

The brand has never been one to shy away from the power of digital content, with Charlotte herself posting make-up tutorials on YouTube since 2012.

At Charlotte Tilbury, they understand that their target customer is looking for more than just a red lipstick or a shimmering eyeshadow – she wants tutorials, she wants visuals, she wants an overall brand experience.



In September of 2015, Harlequin Design appointed LOOKLOOK Photo Booths to create a GIFGIF experience for Charlotte Tilbury customers visiting the brand’s new counter in John Lewis, Oxford Street.

The campaign asked, “#WhoCouldYouBe” and invited shoppers to pick one of Tilbury’s make-up personas – The Rock Chick, The Bombshell, The Golden Goddess to name just a few.

After being made up by the Charlotte Tilbury artists in their chosen look, the customer then created a GIFGIF at our booth. The GIFs were displayed on large screens in the main window of John Lewis, Oxford Street and the result was an eye catching display, beckoning passers-by to enter the store.


Charlotte Tilbury GIFGIF In-Store

Charlotte Tilbury GIFGIF In-Store


The happy customer not only left as a window star with a celebrity inspired make-up look but also received a text message to their phone with a link to their GIFGIF to share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.





The week-long #WhoCouldYouBe campaign was a roaring success – attracting passing trade, making the customer part of an interactive experience and increasing exposure across social media channels for the Charlotte Tilbury brand.


Charlotte Tilbury GIFGIF Window - John Lewis Oxford Street

Charlotte Tilbury GIFGIF Window – John Lewis Oxford Street


Fast-forward to November 2015 – the Charlotte Tilbury flagship store launch in Covent Garden. GIFGIF was back to celebrate with key players in the beauty industry and celebrities alike. TV and radio’s Fearne Cotton and Made In Chelsea’s Millie Mackintosh, each with millions of followers on social media, both made GIFs and shared on Twitter and Instagram.


Millie Mackintosh & friend making a Charlotte Tilbury GIFGIF

Millie Mackintosh & friend making a Charlotte Tilbury GIFGIF


GIFGIF yet again, enabled the Charlotte Tilbury brand to maximise exposure, making the event go way beyond the store’s four walls by creating instant, shareable content. The GIFs were again displayed on custom digital screens outside the store for all of Covent Garden to see.


GIFGIF Screen - Charlotte Tilbury Flagship Store Covent Garden

GIFGIF Screen – Charlotte Tilbury Flagship Store Covent Garden


As Charlotte Tilbury Beauty continues to grow and launch exiting collections such as ‘Hot Lips’ and new signature perfume ‘Scent of a Dream’, as well as open new locations across the UK, LOOKLOOK Photo Booths has been delighted to be part of the action. We have been “GIF-ing” in Peter Jones in Sloane Square as well as John Lewis in Stratford. We even made it all the way to John Lewis in Cardiff for the Charlotte Tilbury launch there.


For more information on how we can maximise your brand’s exposure online as well as create a fun interactive experience for your customers, call us on 0203 005 4926 or email [email protected]

Life Hacks for the Ultimate Mum Boss

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Time, we all need more of it. Particularly when you’re a mum. And especially a working mum.
From trying to stay organised through the chaos of the endless work-life-mum balance, juggling far too many hats to just needing some escapism and you-time, there’s a whole new breed of apps out there designed to make our lives that little bit easier and allow us to proudly hashtag #parentingtheshitoutoflife.

Here at LOOKLOOK we like to call them the life hacks.

“Once you become a mum you have a lot less time for yourself but it is also so important not to forget you, what you love doing and what makes you happy,” says Zoe de Pass of Dress Like a Mum. “Parents often naturally tend to prioritize their children over themselves and sometimes while doing this they lose a bit of their identity. If you do not feel like you then it is harder to make the other people around you happy.”

Emily Quinton of Makelight

Emily Quinton of Makelight

Emily Quinton of Makelight agrees.  “It’s so easy to feel like we’re too busy to make time for the things that we want to do, especially as mothers but it really is amazing what you can do with just 10-15 minutes a day. I’ve found that taking a little time each day for my own creativity has really helped me grow as a person, a mother and a businesswoman. It may not feel like much but it really does make a difference.”
Today’s #mumbosses are embracing a whole range of apps. “Apps are an essential part of modern day life for me,” admits Kimberly Ritchie, founder of the Scottish Mothers Collective and mum of two. “I’m rarely without my phone and, right or wrong, my apps make my chaotic, busy working mum life just that little bit more organised.

“My favourite is Wunderlist. I’m constantly trying to remember all the things I need to do each week; for the house, for the kids, for work and so on. Wunderlist acts as my mental dumping ground for all my many, many to do lists – perfect for fuzzy post baby brain.”

Kimberly Ritchie, founder of the Scottish Mothers Collective @scottishmotherscollective

Kimberly Ritchie, founder of the Scottish Mothers Collective (photo cred: The Daily Record)


Mum of two, Emily Murray, who is a writer for Grazia, Stylist and GLAMOUR and also runs her own business The Pink House, is another app lover who uses hers to entertain the kids.
“I try to fit my working hours around childcare for my two young boys but despite my best efforts there are inevitably times when I have to write an urgent email/take an urgent phone call/eat an urgent biscuit while I’m in sole charge of the children, “ she says.
“This is where the Loopimal app (and Uncle iPad) comes in. Billed as ‘your kid’s first entry into the world of computer sequencing’, it’s basically a fun game where your mini person can make music, using an adorable selection of cartoon animals to ‘create’ the sounds. You’re gainfully employed; they’re gainfully employed; everyone’s a winner.”

Emily Murray of Pink House

Emily Murray of The Pink House


For Zoe at Dress Like a Mum, her go-to apps are TOPSHOP for shopping anytime/anywhere, Instagram for new brands and stories and City Mapper to plan her routes and commutes.

And our very own mum boss and self-confessed Instagram addict, Frances Spencer-Barton, of LOOKLOOK, has her very own app loves. “With two small kids and work to balance, reading an entire book is a luxury, and one that I haven’t managed to do in such a long time,” she reveals.
“I stumbled upon Blinklist via Instagram, it is such a lifesaver and feels like I am still expanding my knowledge and learning something new. The app takes best-selling non-fiction books across various categories such as History, self-improvement, management techniques, small business start-up, investing etc and summarises them into 15-min audio soundbites. I listen to it while I drive, do the dishes, walk to work and I love how productive it makes me feel.”

LOOKLOOK's Frances Spencer-Barton

LOOKLOOK’s Frances Spencer-Barton

So, here are our Top Ten mum boss apps

  1. Money Dashboard. Helping you to be savvy with cash, this app keeps details of all your current, credit card and savings accounts in one place, no matter who you bank with.Life Hacks for the ultimate Mum Boss’
  2. Headspace. Get your free headspace wherever you go with this easy to use meditation app which offers guided mindfulness techniques.
  3. SleepBot. This sleep cycle tracker and intuitive smart alarm records your movements and sounds throughout the night to see what can help you sleep better, for longer.
  4. If getting to a class is proving too difficult perfect your yoji at home or at work. Office Yoga is an e-deck of pose cards tailored for workers who want to take care of their body in between classes.
  5. Blinklist. The ultimate book summary app. Like watching the football highlights, but even better.
  6. VSCO. Why waste time perfecting angles and lighting when this app effortlessly transforms ordinary shots into arty ones.
  7. Wunderlist. Keep your life in sync with this sharable to-do list, perfecting for sending reminders to Him.
  8. Dress Like a Mum. Okay, not technically an app but follow Zoe de Pass on @dresslikeamum for everything style related. And a good dose of humour too.
  9. My Fitness Pal. One of the most comprehensive calorie counter and calculator. And it’s free too.
  10. 5K Pro. Train to run a 5K with this clever app that provides audio alerts.


The Rise of Event Content & Experiential Marketing

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Whether it’s spending hours glued to your iPhone flicking between seven different apps or that you just can’t concentrate on watching a film on Netflix for more that ten minutes.  Tales of the human attention span becoming increasingly shorter due to technology, often seem like something out of a sci-fi movie (that I could only watch 10 minutes of #bored)

It takes a lot to grab our attention. We’ve seen it ALL *nail-painting emoji*…or so we think.
Cue the 2016 MET Gala – the fundraising gala (pronounced GAH-LAHH dah-ling) where Rihanna and Beyoncé fight over the title of Best Dressed in designer dresses from Balenciaga and Balmain.
Not since Kim Kardashian’s PAPER magazine cover has the Internet been so broken. Well, Instagram to be precise.
On the evening, fashion bible Vogue teamed up with film director Gordon von Steiner to produce standout video content to be shared specifically on Instagram.
These short video snippets of celebrities and models standing, posing or dancing within a light installation spread through the Insta-verse like wildfire.
The combination of the strobing lights, the futuristic music and the super-stars themselves created a stroke of visual marketing genius.

Kim & Kanye ⚡️ @kimkardashian #kanye

A post shared by Gordon von Steiner (@gvsgvs) on

The event, at which a ticket costs around $30,000, became instantly accessible to all and in almost real-time. As a result, Instagram users were engaged and felt part of the event. Not only did the famous faces share their experience with millions of followers, but so did thousands of users. This generated millions of views for each video, spreading the Vogue and MET Gala brand names across social media. #NOTboring.

The rise of experiential marketing is hard to ignore. Nicky Havelaar, managing director at creative communications and events agency Crown explains

“The consumer is bombarded with an unprecedented amount of information through a multitude of channels, thus it is imperative to cut through the noise with original and authentic methods to grab their attention,” she says.
“Events and experiential provide a creative, yet relevant platform to engage consumers and it’s a key reason why the creative industry is thriving as the focus is on the consumer.”

Another example of amazing immersive brand experience is that of the Mondrian Hotel in Miami South Beach during Art Basel back in December 2015.

Visual installation duo Dawn of Man projected digital images onto the rainbow-shaped hotel pool which was filled with 250,000 ping-pong balls. The interactive installation was a highlight for guests and partygoers who were able to dive in and be part of the work.

Laura Newman-Cardwell, creative producer at Output Group explains,

“Immersive content is one of the ways brands are challenging the existing status quo. In its simplest form, immersive content is a multi-sensory experience designed to tell a story. To create truly immersive content, it must allow the consumer to become a part of the story through the use of his or her own interaction and imagination – at this point an experience is elevated from being passive to personal. Then, at that moment of genuine human connection, brands can make a lasting impact on their audience.

Here at LOOKLOOK we are always looking to the future. We believe that the need for fun, visually satisfying content created at events will not be slowing down anytime soon.  Our GIFGIF has been in action since 2014, producing moving content for global brands such as EE, L’Oreal, Christian Louboutin and Red Bull.


GIFGIF at MOET Party Day


Lottie Moss does GIFGIF at Dazed x DKNY

Dazed x DKNY – Dazed Kids New York

Want to bring your brand into the future with uber-shareable gifs? You know who to call!

[email protected] || 0203 005 4926


The Art of the Selfie According to the Internet

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The most retweeted tweet ever? Ellen DeGeneres’ star-studded selfie from the 2014 Academy Awards featuring Bradley Cooper, Lupita Nyong’o, Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey and half a dozen other extremely famous people.

Defined by Oxford Dictionary as “a photograph that one takes of oneself, typically with a smartphone and shared via social media”, nearly 300,000 million #Selfies have been shared on Instagram, with up to 365,000 mentions on Facebook in any given week.

Yes, it’s seems narcissistic; however it’s no longer a social phenomenon but an ingrained trend that relentlessly prevails in modern society.

So intrinsic to the everyday social media user, if you’re going to selfie, you better learn how to selfie right…

What better place to start than with the Queen of social media? After publishing a book composing of nothing but selfies, Kim Kardashian has spent countless interviews discussing her plight in finding the best angles for a photo. And it turns out, it’s all about keeping your chin down and holding the camera angled higher than face level, ensuring your features appear more streamlined.

Skim the internet and you’ll find a myriad of articles on what not to do in a selfie or how to take a selfie like a supermodel, featuring step by step guides on working your front-facing camera.

With that in mind, here are our top five tips for taking a winning selfie:

  1. Accentuate your best features with filters that highlight you in all the right places.
  2. Locate the most flattering lighting; avoid overhead or over-exposed.
  3. Look directly into the camera.
  4. Know your angles.
  5. Be ‘yourself’.

But if those pointers weren’t quite enough, the selfie is now generating technological innovation with the world’s first automated selfie stick.  Extending on its own, it features a set of ‘beauty lights’ (a favourite of Kim K’s) that extend from the back of the iPhone holder and even has fan attachments that you can optionally use to achieve the perfect ‘windswept’ look.

So, what are you waiting for?