GIFFING your brand a sense of fun

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Brand personality is a set of human characteristics that are attributed to a brand name. A brand can increase its brand equity by having a consistent set of traits that a specific consumer segment enjoys, and crucially, relates to.

Is your brand playful enough?

Some marketeers have adopted a strategy of being a ‘playful’ brand to add fresh energy to their communications—like Old Spice, which took a product line long associated with older men (dads in particular) and repositioned it to appeal to the modern man through a series of tongue-in-cheek adverts.

Old Spice Marketing

What motivates people to share content?

A recent survey by Ipsos looks at peoples motivations when sharing content online. They found that users were far more likely to share humorous or light-hearted content than ‘important’ content. The same study shows that consumers prefer their online ads to make them laugh (56%) rather than to just give them the facts (44%). Humour engages us, makes us question the world around us, and ourselves. Done in the right way, it can be a powerful medium for brands.



We’ve honed our GIFGIF service to make sure we are maximising the LOL’s:

  • The process of making a GIF is, in itself, lots of fun and there is a lot of laughter as guests get creative and see the GIFs played back to them.
  • When guests receive their GIFs they can share it amongst their friends on social. The nature of fast moving GIFs makes them funny, consumable and the social engagement and comments can also add to this humour.
  • All of the fun and frolics are directly related to, and engaging with, the brand. The GIFs and booths are fully branded and when users share the caption is also pre set by the brand. This allows the brand to be part of digital conversations in a very positive manner.

Studies show that people are more inclined to seek the advice and endorsement of their friends over self-serving brand messaging and sponsored posts, enter GIFGIF.

The process of making a GIF is also very creative and the quick system encourages people take make a few GIFs and try out new ideas.

Along with playfulness, a big motivation for sharing content is also ‘uniqueness’. GIFGIF is certainly unique – the format, background, GIF overlay, and props….make it so.

Top ideas for playful GIF’s

  1.  Fun Props

2.  Live backgrounds or characters

3.  Clever quotes or statements – “I am not an ambi-turner” that guests can get involved with

Zoolander Marketing Campaign with GIFGIF

Zoolander Marketing Campaign with GIFGIF

Laughter is infectious, and infectious is another word for viral. The secret to content going viral is to let humour work its magic; people love to share content that will make other people feel emotionally engaged. It’s no surprise that out of Time’s top 50 YouTube videos of all time, 34 are humorous.

GIFGIF is an awesome tool to harness the playfulness within your brand personality and the creativity of your customers. It increases share levels and engagement and inserts your brand personality within this conversation.

Get in touch for more info.

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Influencers – and how to work with them.

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2016 was the Year of the Influencer.  

“What started as a small tactic to increase brand awareness has transformed into a major social strategy that drives not only brand visibility, but social revenue and industry credibility as well.”  (Flying Point Digital)

We’ve seen it being used across all sectors from travel to cosmetics and clothing to weight loss, but which sector is really making the most of this new marketing technique?  Food tops the charts with 80% followed by lifestyle at 74% and then parenting at 65%.  Beauty is the next biggest sector followed by DIY, didn’t see that coming, and the followed by fashion.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers by Sector. Source: Adweek


But what is it that makes it such an effective marketing technique?  And how can we learn to utilise this in 2017?

Behold, the influencer:

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg, better known as Zoella, is an English fashion and beauty vlogger and author and undoubtedly one of the world’s best known influencers. Her debut novel, Girl Online, was released two years ago, and it broke the record for highest first-week sales for a first-time novelist. 

An online celebrity in her own right, Zoella is a social influencer, which makes things more interesting because Cosmopolitan usually only places celebrities on its front cover. She is one of the rare few that have justified a prestigious cover shoot on the US-based magazine, mainly because of her contributions to the fashion and beauty industries.

Influencers differ from celebrities in the sense that the former connect with their audience more often, usually offering a personable approach to social media. They are more interactive in terms of their YouTube channels and their photos aren’t professionally edited. Their regular, lightly edited pictures make them very relatable to the general public. With a great personality and superb knowledge on beauty and fashion, Zoella appeals to a slew of female demographics.


”When I hit one million subscribers, it was the first time I thought it could be a career, ” Said Zoella. It was reported recently that Zoella was raking in a whopping £50,000 a month. 

And with E-consultancy recently reporting that 59% of brands will increase their influencer marketing budgets this year, it’s time to get involved.


Why does it work so well?

Recent studies show that when making purchasing decisions 68% of consumers trust online opinions from other consumers.  This is the essence of influencer marketing.  Seeing your peers, or someone you view as your peer, tell you about a product they enjoyed feels like a one-to-one recommendation, even though they are talking to their millions of fans.

Branded posts or #ads are seen as trustworthy, genuine and realistic reviews as opposed the the overly-glossy tv ads that we are used to.  Plus if the influencer is worth their salt they will know the art of story-telling, meaning that there fans aren’t just listening to them, they are hanging on their every word and ready to act to purchase a recommended product or service.

There are many ways in which working with an influencer can help you achieve your business goals, the most common being Brand Awareness and Eduction.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing and business goals. Source: Adweek


How do you choose which Influencer to work with?

Should you go reach over depth?  Cassandra Stavrou is the creative director at popcorn company Propercorn, she recommends:

‘finding small influencers with a highly engaged following loyal to the brand is more important than working with large-scale influencers boasting hundreds of thousands of followers’.

Choose someone with a loyal fan-base and aim to have a creative partnership or longer-term relationship rather than just a one-off post to really cement the relationship and come across as a genuine partnership.

UK beauty vlogger Fleur de Force, said:

“The best thing you can do is connect with people who are already talking about your products authentically, as their audience will naturally connect with you. [It’s just that the brand] gets to control the messaging a bit more.”

These smaller, more niche influencers, are called Micro Influencers.  They might not have millions of followers, but what they lack in popularity they make up for in influence.

Influencers and Events

Inviting influencers to your event can make a huge impact on your ROI. Why?  Because one share from them can introduce your company to thousands, if not millions, of new customers.  And because most influencers have a loyal fanbase, what they say, goes.

Inviting influencers to your event not only increases the credibility of your event but also helps with the promotion of it.  They will likely mention the event either before, during or after giving your brand plenty of opportunities for promotion.

Insta-takeover at events

One effective way of maximising your reach from an event is to work with an influencer, with a similar demographic to your own or who has mentioned your products before, to do an insta-takeover of your feed from the event.  This adds more credibility to your event as well as being promoted on the influencers social feeds.  They will be experienced in creating and capturing great content so you can be assured of a few great posts and it helps to add to the excitement of the event especially as your customers may want to meet/hang out with the influencer.

One thing is for sure, influencers will still be dominating in 2017.

Aleah Christe


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Why brands can’t get enough of Experiential Marketing

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Content is King.  And Queen.  

Content.   A buzzword for marketing and a technique that has been driven by the growing popularity of social media.  But how can we really harness the power of it? And how can we ensure that we are creating the right environments for this to happen naturally – enter the EXPERIENCE.

“Brand communications through live experience have grown to be a significant part of the marketing mix.” Rob Sharp, Pulse Group


Previously referred to as Field Marketing or Brand Experience, however you refer to it over the last five years experiential has seen a huge resurgence and is now enjoying an increase in focus and spend with brands such as Carlsberg, Gillette and McDonalds investing heavily in experiential in the last few months.

FOMO is real.  Millenials want experiences rather than products.  Ipsos MRBI survey, 2014

McDonalds Event Marketing

Experiential Marketing from Mcdonalds

But why this shift in focus?  As we continue to live our lives more digitally there is a need for rich, relevant and engaging experiences,  it’s a complete shift in consumer behaviour.   It’s the consumers need to share what they have experienced that really makes this an interesting technique.  With the adoption of social media into our daily lives, consumers want to share the most exciting parts of their lives with their friends and family.  And naturally a cool event with something unique to interact with and ultimately share is a win-win for brands.

“If you event isn’t on social, it didn’t happen”  Trends in Event Marketing, 2016

Why is it so popular? Stats, stats and stats

Best Experiential Campaign

When you look at the stats it’s easy to see why Agencies and Brands are getting on board. A recent study shows that respondents were a whopping 96% more likely to purchase a product after participating in a branded event and 74% will have a more positive impression of the brand (study in 2016 by the Event Marketing Institute)

In this digital age, every £ spent on an event now has an ROI much greater than it ever used to be.  You might have an event of only 50 attendees but if they are sharing your branded event content with their followers suddenly you are reaching audiences of thousands through the same event at no extra cost.


Where we come in

Here at LOOKLOOK, we are photo content experts. We’ve worked on some of the best experiential and marketing campaigns of the last few months  from the award-winning Mentos campaign with The Walker Agency to the Charlotte Tilbury Uk-wide store launch and the iconic Macy’s window-takeover for a Halloween 6-week long pop-up shop.

“It’s our social sharing technology that really sets us apart’ Frances Spencer, Communications Director

When we were developing GIFGIF, we had our customers needs at the forefront of our minds and knew that recording insights would be something valuable for our clients. Every time a user shares their GIF on Facebook, Twitter or via email for Instagram we can track those and feed back to our client, issuing a swanky report a few days after their event to show the social share stats.  Most events see at least, and we are being conservative here, 40% share rate, but lots of events are seeing people sharing their GIF 80-90% of the time.  That’s a lot of likes right there.

Experiential Marketing GIFGIF

Experiential Marketing Ideas

Our GIFGIF Booth, where a series of images are taken in short succession and then compressed into a GIF short animated image that can be shared online at the touch of a button, has become the must have accessory to add interest and create a lasting impression of any 2016 event. The exclusive technology, developed by LOOKLOOK, was launched earlier this year to great acclaim when beauty and fashion brands such as i-D, Charlotte Tilbury, Bobbi Brown, Canada Goose, TopMan and Nike were quick to catch on and subsequently used GIFGIF to not only enhance and complement their traditional-style campaigns but to form the focus of their experiential events.

“Companies which understand that content is king are the ones booking GIFGIF. It is an easy, cost effective, slick way of getting influencers involved and has them spread the word and moving image via their social media channels. This is creating a seriously exciting ripple effect for brands and, of course, we are delighted to be a part of that.”  Darran Barton, MD, LOOKLOOK

Visit our website for more information.

Check out our Charlotte Tilbury blog.

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LOOKLOOK and The Bowie Legacy

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Bowie. The man who inspired generations of artists, musicians, writers and fashionistas alike. The man who recorded music over five decades. The Man Who Sold the World. The Man Who Fell to Earth. The Starman.


Whether you remember David Bowie in his glam rock days as Ziggy Stardust, danced to Let’s Dance in the 1980’s or you are part of a younger generation that has been passed on the David Bowie torch by your parents and Spotify, it is hard to find a person now that has not been influenced in some way by the icon.

Here at LOOKLOOK, we were thrilled when given the chance to be part of the launch of BOWIE – LEGACY, a compilation album of Bowie’s most popular tracks and singles, from 1969’s ‘Space Oddity’, through to the final singles ‘Lazarus’ and ‘I Can’t Give Everything Away’.


Bowie Legacy


On Friday 11th till Sunday 13th November 2016 our custom built “Bowie Booth” will be live in the Bromley branch of HMV – selected to honour Bromley as the place where Bowie grew up. It will be part of Warner Music’s activation to launch the BOWIE – LEGACY album and celebrate Bowie through the decades.

The booth has been designed to reflect a traditional photo booth but when the user steps inside it will, like the singer himself, be far from traditional. Our famous GIFGIF will be encased in the booth and will be ready to snap the many Bowie fans who visit the store over the BOWIE – LEGACY launch weekend. The GIFs will enable the fans to recreate the BOWIE – LEGACY album cover with their own face opposite Bowie’s. They will then be able to share this on social media, showing their love for the icon and in turn, promote the album.

As we have gone through the design and build process of this special photo booth, all of team LOOKLOOK have been remembering, reminiscing and rediscovering all that was great about David Bowie’s music and individual style.

Here are our top 5 David Bowie moments:

  1. Aladdin Sane Album Cover

The lighting bolt make-up, that bright red hair – this is arguably Bowie’s most iconic look. Photographed by Brian Duffy

David Bowie Aladdin Sane Album Cover

  1. Labyrinth

Bowie played the infamous Goblin King in this 1986 fantasy adventure movie directed by The Muppets creator Jim Henson. He recorded five songs for the film but our favourite has to be “Magic Dance” in which he dances around his castle in the centre of the Labyrinth surrounded by his subservient goblins.

You remind me of the babe
What babe? Babe with the power
What power? Power of voodoo
Who do? You do
Do what? Remind me of the babe

  1. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.

The conceptual album that propelled Bowie into superstar status with timeless hits such as “Starman” and “Suffragette City”

The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

  1. Let’s Dance

A true 80’s sound and a song that we’ve all danced to at least once!

  1. The Bowie Suits

No matter what era, Bowie always wore impeccable tailoring!

David Bowie's Suits

Visit the Bowie Booth instore at HMV Bromley on Fri 11th, Sat 12th & Sun 13th November 2016

To enquire about custom made photo booths, email [email protected]


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When GIFGIF met Palm Vaults – London’s Most Instagrammable Café

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Palm Vaults…it’s the café that pops up on our Instagram feed on the daily. It’s the place that the Metro newspaper named “London’s most Instagrammable Café”. It’s even across the road from LOOKLOOK Manager Richard’s flat. We had to go and check it out!–DiFQ/?taken-by=pasteljourney

With its retro Miami décor and rainbow plant-based menu, it’s easy to see why customers get snap-happy the minute they enter this cute Hackney café.

Every aspect of the place has been carefully curated and thought-out and because of this, the business has racked up almost 10k followers, over 1500 #palmvaults and countless ‘Places’ Check-Ins on Instagram after only being open for 6 months. It’s a perfect example of how a clear and bold brand identity is now key, even in a small business.

In the age of camera phones and social media, your customers can pretty much advertise for you if they love what your brand is about!


100% natural

A photo posted by Prim s. (@primprims) on


So we decided it was the perfect spot for a LOOKLOOK team catch-up and a great excuse to take some awesome pics and GIFs (do we ever really need an excuse?! Haha!)

Cue us packing up a GIFGIF and heading across Hackney Downs park from our studios to Palm Vaults.


Team LOOKLOOK getting our GIFGIF on at Palm Vaults

Team LOOKLOOK getting our GIFGIF on at Palm Vaults

We chose our table beside the Brooklyn-esque exposed brick wall and made our choices. A hard task as the menu is pretty great and includes things like vegan red velvet cake and a ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’ smoothie. DROOL!

The Drinks Menu at Palm Vaults - Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

The Drinks Menu at Palm Vaults – Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!


What Team LOOKLOOK ordered:

2 x Granola and Coconut Yogurt Bowls

1 x Acai Bowl

1 x Butternut Squash Soup

1 x Golden Latte (Almond Milk)

1 x Cappuccino


The lovely Ranny @rannycooper took our order at the counter and while we waited for it she joined in the GIFGIF fun!

Palm Vaults Babe Ranny getting GIF-y with a Vegan Cake!

Palm Vaults Babe Ranny getting GIF-y with a Vegan Cake!


Another friendly Palm Vaults babe, Olivia (she’s a stylist too – follow her @oliviagypsy) then brought over our rainbow drinks and healthy food. YUM!

Palm Vaults - Granola & Coconut Yogurt YUM!

Palm Vaults – Granola & Coconut Yogurt and the Golden Latte

Our Senior Account Manager Ben even got to test out his swanky new iPhone 7 Plus camera on the the cakes of the day – check out that automatic depth-of-field function!

Palm Vaults - Cakes of the Day

Palm Vaults – Cakes of the Day

We finished off our team trip with some GIFGIF-ing outside the café and tried to perfect our Beatles on Abbey Road walk!

Team LOOKLOOK - Perfecting our Beatles on Abbey Road walk

Team LOOKLOOK – Perfecting our Beatles on Abbey Road walk


Visit Palm Vaults

IRL @ 411 Mare St, London E8 1HY

Instagram @palmvaults

If you want to create fun digital content for your brand, give Ben an email [email protected]

or just call us on 0203 005 4926






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Halloween – Let’s Get Spooky!

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Parties, Pumpkins, Fancy Dress and a great excuse to stuff your face with chocolate and jelly sweets…Halloween is (literally) bloody great!

Like those falling autumn leaves and the arrival of the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, it’s the celebration that reminds us that summer is well and truly over and in no time at all, we’ll be donning our Bridget Jones style Christmas jumpers while downing too many mulled wines at the office Christmas party.

But Halloween hasn’t always been the holiday of plastic witch fingers and girls dressed as ‘sexy’ animals…

I'm A Mouse...Duh!

I’m A Mouse…Duh!

Halloween originates back to the Celtic festival of Samhain. The Celts celebrated their new year on November 1st and this day marked the end of summer and the harvest and the beginning of the dark, cold winter. Celts believed that on the night before the new year, the border between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred. On the night of October 31st they celebrated Samhain, when it was believed that the ghosts of the dead returned to earth – SPOOKY!

The beliefs, traditions and superstitions spread to America with the wave of Irish and Scottish immigrants in the 19th Century and slowly the Celtic ways of Halloween transformed into the Americanised version we know and love today – costumes, decorations and all!

Which Witch?!

Which Witch?!

Like the old Celts, LOOKLOOK recently took something over to the States…New York City to be precise! We were asked by US home décor giant, Grandin Road to supply a GIFGIF for their pop-up Halloween shop within world-famous department store Macy’s.

Grandin Road Macy's NYC

Grandin Road Macy’s NYC


Gettin’ GIF-y at Grandin Road Halloween Shop in Macy’s

Check out our The Dots portfolio for more GIFs and info

Team LOOKLOOK’s Top 5 Favourite Things About Halloween

  1. The Cult Classic MoviesHocus Pocus, The Addams Family, The Craft, Scream and Beetlejuice Beetlejuice BEETLEJUICE!Hocus Pocus
  2. The Make-UpWe love this Halloween make-up tutorial from our lovely client Charlotte Tilbury
  3. The Parties – An excuse to dress-up, eat sweeties and be home way past the witching hour!
    Drink Up! Witches Brew and Blood Shots

    Drink Up! Witches Brew and Blood Shots

  4. Pumpkin Carving – Get Messy!
  5. Only 8 weeks till Christmas – too early to be thinking about the presents? Nope!

Elf Santa

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Top Tips for A Standout Event

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Whether it’s an intimate and exclusive get together or a packed-out award ceremony, the secret to event success is always in flawless preparation.

Nailing the brief is the foundation of a 10/10 event. Considering the ultimate goal is key – what do you want your guests to take away from the occasion – and it’s important to avoid getting distracted by finer details too early in the process. According to Helen Fleming, general manager of Mansfield Traquair – one of Edinburgh’s most iconic venues – understanding and translating the host’s specific individual requirements is vital: “Knowing what works well in the location or venue, and having the imagination and creativity to be able to suggest additions unique to the event is a winning formula.”

Exclusive Venue Mansfield Traquair, Edinburgh

Mansfield Traquair, Edinburgh

Of course, getting the process kicked off in plenty of time is fundamental – so how long a lead should you give yourself? Lucy Land, founder of lifestyle publication West London Living, has planned and indeed attended a myriad of fabulous events, so knows a thing or two about getting it right.

She explains: “Depending on the type of event, I’d say four to six months is ideal for planning but you can plan in a shorter period, dictated by the size of the event. You need to take into consideration availability of key participants and to be aware of public and school holidays.”

Sometimes you might not have the luxury of time, but be wary of rushing something; if you really want to wow, give yourself an adequate lead and take time to do your research and test-run various fundamentals like catering or entertainment.

So, with the practicalities covered, it’s time to get stuck into the fun stuff! An original theme can be the glue that binds all the features and provides inspiration for the likes of decorations, cocktails, and music.

Drinks & Decor...Two Key Aspects of a Great Event

Drinks & Decor…Two Key Aspects of a Great Event

Helen is a big advocate of simplicity: “I think a theme gives some direction for the client’s expectations and can make the planning flow. It does not need to be extravagant; it can simply be a colour theme that can enhance the venue and or specific aspects that just really tie all the elements together”.

As well as providing direction, a theme can also act as a narrative driver as Lucy explained: “A cohesive theme sets the mood and creates a story for the event. It can also underline the message you want to convey, provides a talking point for the guests and ensures the event will be remembered.” Your chosen theme may be inspired by the venue, the season or the occasion itself, and don’t be afraid to go for something really out there.

Something visually captivating is a must, so that every aspect is irresistibly photogenic. Memories are fleeting, so however sensational your event might be you definitely want guests taking pictures all night for longevity. Some of our favourite super-Instagramable themes include:

  • The roaring twenties – a classic for all the right reasons, we’ll never tire of Gatsby-esque nights
  • Studio 54 – dance until the small hours, emulating the height of disco glamour
  • Black and White Ball – Truman Capote’s society spectacular is the stuff of legend
  • Retro Carnival – recreate the fun of the fairground with candyfloss stalls, hot dogs and classic carnival games
  • Fiesta – margaritas, fresh tacos and colourful piñatas make for a feast for the eyes
The Roaring 20's, Studio 54 and Black & White Ball

The Roaring 20’s, Studio 54 and Black & White Ball


Retro Carnival Theme

Retro Carnival Theme


Injecting something fun and unexpected is a great way to create buzz and photographic fuel. From brand launches for the likes of Nike and Benefit, to gorgeous family weddings and big birthday bashes, LOOKLOOK get to see some amazing spectacles.  Recently the client got creative with bubbles, crafting an emoji out of foam and then releasing it into the sky the same way you would do with lanterns.

Guests enjoying the LOOKLOOK Photo Booth at the I-On Magazine Birthday Bash

Guests enjoying the LOOKLOOK Photo Booth at the I-On Magazine Birthday Bash

Make Lasting Memories of Your Event with a Photo Booth

Sometimes the dining experience can take centre stage; at a recent Mansfield Traquair event the food presentation was taken to another level incorporating sensory elements with aromas and lighting techniques culminating in a ‘smashed’ dessert finale created by the chefs from Heritage Portfolio in front of the guests accompanied by dramatic music and LED changing lighting – pure culinary theatre.

Lucy held a West London Living summer party in a Notting Hill art gallery, using the unusual space to its best potential: “I maximised the space by having the bands perform in the window, a bar in the basement and a simple red carpet leading out onto the street encouraged guests to mingle on the street, which became a talking point for passersby”.

So, whatever the occasion, always think outside the box and let your creativity produce something truly memorable. Be strategic, take your time and plan to perfection – master that and your events will be the talk of the town.

Planning for all eventualities will ensure a slick operation and a standout event that your guests will be talking about for weeks after.

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The Most Instagrammable Content at London Fashion Week SS17 #LFW

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London Fashion Week SS17 has come and gone and we are still reeling from all the excitement it created. Every year it gets bigger and better as more brands engage with even larger audiences through social media and user generated content.

As London Fashion Week themselves said;

“…there are more ways than ever to get involved through digital engagement.”

Here at LOOKLOOK we have seen massive increase in brands looking to create fun, shareable and engaging content and it doesn’t look likely to change anytime soon. Figures show that 84% of customers are more likely to buy a product after experiencing the brand or product at an event (Event Marketing Institute, 2014).  We’ve worked with top brands such as Nike, Selfridges and Macy’s in New York all coming to us with the brief of wanting to engage their customers in an experiential way.

This year we have seen more innovative ways than ever for brands to engage with their fanbase; Instagram Stories live takeovers from @LondonFashionWeek to live streaming of catwalk shows.  We’ve seen ASOS creating live 15-min interview based podcasts with fashion insiders and the OUTNET’s immersive experience with their instagrammable hub of light and colour.  Fashion brands are leading the way when it comes to embracing digital mediums and user generated content.

Of all the fashion weeks, London is known to be the most quirky and open-minded. With big names like Burberry showing alongside newbies Ashley Williams and Shrimps and regular attendees including eclectic style blogger Susie Lau of Style Bubble, cool girl Alexa Chung and 7ft inflatable latex clad Pandemonia, it’s easy to see why the fashionistas of the world have all eyes on the capital in February and September each year.

Pandemonia, Susie Style Bubble and Alexa Chung at #LFW


London Fashion Week SS17 Stats…

  • 78 shows and presentations
  • Over 5000 visitors from over 58 countries
  • 1,258500 posts on Instagram tagged #LFW
  • 24, 000 bottles of Evian drunk (say whaaaat?)

#LFW (as it’s now known thanks to Instagram and Twitter) is the perfect opportunity for brands and designers to create experiences and content for users to share on social media.

Here is LOOKLOOK’s round-up of the top  Instagrammable (is that a word?) content from London Fashion Week SS17.

Burberry #BurberryMakersHouse

4,199 Instagram Hashtags

For the last few years Burberry have been way ahead of the game with regards to digital content and this season the super-brand did not disappoint with it’s specially designed venue ‘Makers House’.

Not only did the brand’s much anticipated, first non-seasonal, see-now-buy-now catwalk show take place here but the venue was open for a week after, showcasing original works by Britain’s finest artisans using the collection as inspiration. Cue the fash-pack snapping and sharing their experiences on Instagram!

The Fash-Pack on Instagram #BurberryMakersHouse

VIP show guests such as Cara Delevingne, Lily James and DAZED’s Jefferson Hack were also invited into ‘The Studio’ of Makers House to create beautifully shot video content for Instagram featuring ceramic busts and a touch of good old British humour.


THE OUTNET #LightUpTheRoom 

1,854 Instagram Tags

THE OUTNET celebrated the personal style of industry insiders, show-goers and visitors alike at its Instagrammable hub of light and color. Visitors were able to recharge their batteries, enjoyed fashion week fuel by Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley of HEMSLEY+HEMSLEY and enjoyed the immersive experience as they watched their own personal style light up the room.


Charlotte Olympia & Sophia Webster

#LetsGoBananas & #DollyBirdsOfParadise

Shoes. A girl’s (non-diamond) best friend….and we’d like both shoe designers Charlotte Olympia and Sophia Webster to be in our Girl Gang please! Both designers graduates of the renowned Cordwainers Collage and both with a passion for colour, fun and femininity in their shoes and accessories.

Charlotte’s London Fashion Week SS17 presentation took place in the Sheraton Grand Hotel ballroom and was inspired by Carmen Miranda and 1940’s cabaret joints. A chorus line of dancers decked out in sequin swimsuits and Charlotte’s fruity platform heels danced with giant foam bananas, much to the guests phone-camera delight.

476 likes on @karlaotto Instagram Post


47.4k Views on @charlotte_olympia Boomerang Insta Post

Sophia Webster’s presentation ‘Dolly Birds of Paradise’ was another visually beautiful showcase, with models posing in giant birdcages and sounds of the 60’s playing as guests snapped happy.

224 posts with #DollyBirdsOfParadise

…classy birds @sophiawebster #londonfashionweek #sophiawebster

A video posted by Stefan Lindemann (@stefanloves) on


V By Very LFW Party  – Mirror Box Photo Fun

Online retailer Very celebrated the new season of their V by Very collection by throwing one hell of a shindig featuring a cool mirrored room for guests to take trippy selfies in.

8,156 likes on Instagram by @toffgeorgia

Digital content

One of the most instagrammable images at LFWSS17

Sadie Clayton – Holographic Models

Luxury sculptural womenswear designer Sadie Clayton shied away from the traditional use of models this time around and instead her presentation was shown through the medium of holograms.

1,108 views on Instagram post by @sassoonsalonuk featuring @iamsadieclayton


DKMS #ShareTheLove @ Belstaff

Charity DKMS wanted to raise awareness of their cause by partnering with various brands, celebrities and photographers associated with London Fashion Week. Their #ShareTheLove campaign asked attendees to ‘kiss and share’, whether that be each other  in photos taken by Greg Williams or at our GIFGIF booth at the Liv Tyler x Belstaff SS17 presentation.

Liv Tyler and Celebrity Hairdresser James Brown ‘Sharing The Love’

Poppy Delevingne & Daisy Lowe ‘Share The Love’


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Guests of the Belstaff presentation #ShareTheLove


We are convinced that engaging with larger audiences through experiential events is the way things are going.  And where ever the fashion brands go, the rest will surely follow.

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How to Style Your Sneaks for all Occasions

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From Weddings to After Work Drinks, Find Out How To Up Your Kicks Game.

Hello, it’s Frances, the co-founder of LOOKLOOK.  I’m a MASSIVE sneaker-head! Rarely seen without a pair of kicks on my feet, there’s no day that I don’t appreciate being able to cruise seamlessly from one meeting to another, and with two toddlers to run after I need to be at the top of my running game.  So kicks it is.  What I really wanted to know was how to wear trainers that actually work in different situations.  Going to a client meeting wearing worn-out, unfashionable sneaks doesn’t set the best tone.  But trainers have had THE biggest revival in the fashion world from the return of the Gazelle for laid-back chic to metallic ASICS the market is awash with new feet-friendly styles.   That’s why we called on some help from trainer addict Yani from Big Eyes Little Soles, who live and breathe trainers.   Check them out on Instagram and their guest blog below.


Hey all, I’m Yani – founder of, the UK’s first female sneaker and style collective. We live and breathe sneakers and the Big Eyes family know exactly how to rock the sickest kicks and make them always look on point, from day to night.

As a kid I was an athlete, a tomboy and really jealous of my brothers trainers. And so, as a young teen, I went on my first trip to America and dragged my parents round all the Nike outlets where I found the most INCREDIBLE pair of Nike Tns – and that is where the obsession began. I had kicks before that, but never a pair of neck-breaking beauties like those. I can safely say, I’ve never looked back.

‘Why no heels, you’re almost 30’ I hear you cry – well, to be honest, they’re never as comfy, my feet LOVE sneakers and I just don’t feel like ‘me’ without something sporty on my feet. And besides, who said kicks can’t be classy?

I’ve never really followed what the celebs are doing – I started my sneaker obsession before the internet was ‘a thing’ and so I learned about trainers the old school way – by reading, researching and looking at the floor before I look at someone’s face. However, one of my all time favourite pics from the 90s is a young Kate Moss rocking her burgundy adidas Gazelles – it encapsulates everything I loved about the 90s and how loving kicks was beginning to become a way of life over in the UK.

As you all know, 90s fashion is totally trending again and brands that have been quiet over the last two decades are making a massive comeback. Fila and Kappa are definitely jumping on the bandwagon and quite rightly so – I was never seen without my adidas or Kappa poppers – they were my trademark trousers as a kid! The thing that makes it okay (in my eyes) for Fila and Kappa to have a resurgence, is that they’re staying true to their craft, not changing a thing and they’re working hard at re-releasing clothes and kicks we know and love, not changing it up and making things too modern. If you’re going for the 90s vibe, do it and do it well.

I think brands like Karhu and Novesta will be shown some more love by the masses next year – and if you haven’t heard of them, 1, where have you been and 2, GET INVOLVED! Finnish brand Karhu has it’s running vibe – somewhat similar to what asics is trying to do but it’s got its own colourful thing going on. If you can pull off a runner and feel fly doing it, Karhu is the brand for you. Slovakian brand Novesta are turning out some of the most simple, stunning and super comfortable handmade shoes I’ve ever seen. Honestly, they fit like a glove, give you a little bit of height (which I really need) and they come in some awesome colourways.

With regards to collaborations, I know as much as you guys do – so if you loved the Puma x Rhianna bits that dropped this year or the latest run of Yeezy’s then keep a look out, I’m sure all the brands have something special on the horizon.

I was asked to spend the day with the guys from LOOKLOOK / GIFGIF  and show them how I’d style my kicks for a variety of different situations.

You may think, by being a sneaker obsessive, I’m also super on top of fashion etc – it’s harder than it looks. Always having the best kicks, and pairing them with something that shows them off and doesn’t take any of the limelight away from them is difficult! Now, being the fashionista that I am (NOT), talking about my outfits came really (un)naturally to me – I literally pick my kicks and throw on something that vaguely matches, so I accepted the challenge and off me and our amazing photographer Wyatt went down to LOOKLOOK HQ at Hackney Downs Studios.

First of all, I set to playing around with the GIFGIF booth – honestly, coming from someone who’s afraid of selfies, this thing is SO MUCH FUN. If you don’t have one at your next party, you’re seriously missing out!

Then I got into the photo booth (aided by a breeze block, because I’m so short) and took some of the most ridiculous snaps I’ve ever seen. You just hop into the booth or stand infront of the camera – with its amazing Kardashian style ring light – press the button and get to posing.

Next up, we walked the streets surrounding the studios armed with kicks, clothes and a camera and shot my looks. So here’s my guide to rocking kicks at all the events, situations and parties you’ll be at soon!

Out Out
There’s me in my swishy skirt and silver ASICS Gel Lyte iii beasts. Silver kicks are my answer to posh heels – they look shiny, so that’s all that matters! Who needs to be uncomfy and unstable, right?!

Drinks After Work
My favourite silver mesh top, paired with my Nike Mayfly Woven beauties, smart but comfy all at the same time – perfect for day to night. And with the addition of a denim or leather jacket, the look is complete.

Straight Chilling
An all denim vibe for the daytime, paired with my CDG Converse Chuck 70s. Felt a little American rocking this get up – I love a bit of fraying. Chuck 70s are literally the most snug, comfy and incredible all rounder kicks I’ve ever owned.

When I’m Feeling Girly
Pastels are everywhere right now and athough I’m all for black on black on black (with a little hint of grey normally), it was boiling and so I caved in and picked up a pink ribbed top from ASOS. Paired with my selvedge Levi’s 501s and these insane ASICS Gel Kayanos, the outfit worked out alright!

Photography by Wyatt Dixon @wfdmedia &

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Charlotte Tilbury x GIFGIF – How LOOKLOOK Became Window Stars

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Kate Moss. Kim Kardashian. Gigi Hadid. Cara Delevigne. Just a few of the superstars that world-renowned makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury has worked with over the years – she’s the crème de la crème… or crème de la Magic Cream –the name of one of her much-loved products from her stunning beauty range.

Charlotte Tilbury with Kim Kardashian

Charlotte Tilbury with Kim Kardashian

The brand has never been one to shy away from the power of digital content, with Charlotte herself posting make-up tutorials on YouTube since 2012.

At Charlotte Tilbury, they understand that their target customer is looking for more than just a red lipstick or a shimmering eyeshadow – she wants tutorials, she wants visuals, she wants an overall brand experience.



In September of 2015, Harlequin Design appointed LOOKLOOK Photo Booths to create a GIFGIF experience for Charlotte Tilbury customers visiting the brand’s new counter in John Lewis, Oxford Street.

The campaign asked, “#WhoCouldYouBe” and invited shoppers to pick one of Tilbury’s make-up personas – The Rock Chick, The Bombshell, The Golden Goddess to name just a few.

After being made up by the Charlotte Tilbury artists in their chosen look, the customer then created a GIFGIF at our booth. The GIFs were displayed on large screens in the main window of John Lewis, Oxford Street and the result was an eye catching display, beckoning passers-by to enter the store.


Charlotte Tilbury GIFGIF In-Store

Charlotte Tilbury GIFGIF In-Store


The happy customer not only left as a window star with a celebrity inspired make-up look but also received a text message to their phone with a link to their GIFGIF to share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.





The week-long #WhoCouldYouBe campaign was a roaring success – attracting passing trade, making the customer part of an interactive experience and increasing exposure across social media channels for the Charlotte Tilbury brand.


Charlotte Tilbury GIFGIF Window - John Lewis Oxford Street

Charlotte Tilbury GIFGIF Window – John Lewis Oxford Street


Fast-forward to November 2015 – the Charlotte Tilbury flagship store launch in Covent Garden. GIFGIF was back to celebrate with key players in the beauty industry and celebrities alike. TV and radio’s Fearne Cotton and Made In Chelsea’s Millie Mackintosh, each with millions of followers on social media, both made GIFs and shared on Twitter and Instagram.


Millie Mackintosh & friend making a Charlotte Tilbury GIFGIF

Millie Mackintosh & friend making a Charlotte Tilbury GIFGIF


GIFGIF yet again, enabled the Charlotte Tilbury brand to maximise exposure, making the event go way beyond the store’s four walls by creating instant, shareable content. The GIFs were again displayed on custom digital screens outside the store for all of Covent Garden to see.


GIFGIF Screen - Charlotte Tilbury Flagship Store Covent Garden

GIFGIF Screen – Charlotte Tilbury Flagship Store Covent Garden


As Charlotte Tilbury Beauty continues to grow and launch exiting collections such as ‘Hot Lips’ and new signature perfume ‘Scent of a Dream’, as well as open new locations across the UK, LOOKLOOK Photo Booths has been delighted to be part of the action. We have been “GIF-ing” in Peter Jones in Sloane Square as well as John Lewis in Stratford. We even made it all the way to John Lewis in Cardiff for the Charlotte Tilbury launch there.


For more information on how we can maximise your brand’s exposure online as well as create a fun interactive experience for your customers, call us on 0203 005 4926 or email [email protected]

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