Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a delivery charge?

Travel within 1.5 hours drive of Edinburgh is free. From our London office travel within the M25 is included. For travel beyond this it is charged a per mile rate.

Where in the UK do you cover?

We offer a nationwide service but the price quoted will vary depending on the distance the booth has to travel to the event.

What is a good time for the booth to start?

Normally for a wedding we recommend you start after your evening meal, so around 7 or 8pm.

Can the Booth be set up in the same room we are in?

Yes, our booth butlers are trained to set up the booth with the minimum disruption. We can set the booth up in the same room where guests are dining although there will be a small amount of to-ing and fro-ing. If you would rather avoid this we can set up earlier in the day, just ask us about idle hours.

How long does it take to set the Booth up?

The booth takes approximately one and half hours to set-up.

What power supply do you need?

All we need is one normal electricity socket.

Can the booth go upstairs?

All booths are totally mobile; they come flat packed so access is not a problem.

Can the booth go outside?

The booths can go outside as long as there is sufficient cover and a sturdy floor. A floored gazebo or marquees are fine.

What are the sizes of the booths?

The Retro and Deer Hunter booths measure 2m high x 2m long x 1.2m wide. The Tower Booth measures 2m high x 60cm wide x 40cm deep.

Do you provide booths on a long term basis?

We can provide a booth for long term use in venues such as restaurants, bars or other social spaces and they often prove very popular. We can work with you to create a custom model which includes any features you want, such as coin operation or branding.

Who gets the printouts on the night?

Normally your guests take the photos away with them, but you could add the photos to a guest book or display board. The event organisers get a digital copy of all images taken on the night. The photos are also added to our web gallery which can be made public or private.

Can we add photos to a Guestbook?

Yes, we offer a guest book as an extra which means our Booth Butler asks your guests to add one copy of their photos to your book and write a message. When you order the guest book from us you get two copies of every photo.

Can we share the pictures on Social Media?

One of our booths is specially configured for social media hook-up and allows you to upload your pictures for sharing online. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email are all supported.

Do you only offer photos?

No, the booths are kitted out with the latest technology and we can offer the facility to create a GIF. Put together using a sequence of snaps, the GIF is sent to the recipient as well as added to the gallery.

Do we get a copy of the photos?

Yes, you get a digital copy of all photos taken on the night.

Is the booth manned?

Yes, one of our friendly Booth Butlers will be there the whole evening to look after the booth and your guests. For larger events we provide an extra member of staff at a small cost.

How many people can fit in the booths?

Our booths don’t have a seat inside, the Retro and Deer Hunter booths can fit four people comfortably and six at a squeeze. The Tower Booth can fit up to eight using the free-standing backdrop.

Can kids go in the booth?

Children can go in the booth although they may need to stand on something to place them in the frame.

How can we make the pictures more fun?

Some of our packages include a Prop Box as standard but you can place a bespoke order where you specify what extras you want to add.

What kind of events are a booth suitable for?

The only limit is your imagination! Every social gathering or occasion can be livened up with the inclusion of a photo booth and we can either stay for just a short time slot or set up for the whole event, depending on your preference. Parties, weddings and celebrations of any kind work perfectly with a photo booth.

Can we use a photo booth at our corporate event?

Yes! A booth is a great way to have some fun at a corporate event and always prove popular. You can even add your corporate branding to the background so it’s included in every picture.

Aren’t photo booths terribly unflattering?

All our photo booths include Beauty Lighting as standard so you and your guests will look even more gorgeous. Of course, if you feel self-conscious about presenting your naked face to the camera, why not have some fun by adding some props to the mix?

Is the quality of the pictures suitable for a wedding?

The lighting in our booths is specially configured to provide the best possible results, and this is combined with a top quality camera and printer to ensure the standard of photos produced is excellent.

What if something goes wrong?

As with all events sometimes things do not go according to plan, but it is very rare. We carry spares of kit and happy to stay later if there was as issue getting started. Also, we love your feedback so if there’s something you think we could improve on we’d love to hear from you.

What is the deposit?

To secure your date we require a £150 non-refundable deposit. The remainder of your balance is due 21 days before your event.

What if I have to cancel my event?

If you want to cancel your event we can’t refund your deposit but we may be able to give you a credit so you can use the booth at another date.

Can I buy a booth from you?

As well as hiring booths out, we also build custom designs. The process takes up to 10 weeks and the price includes a choice of materials, branding, remote access control, training and follow-up telephone support, as well as a three year warranty. This service can include creating entirely bespoke models too.

Do you do anything special for Christmas?

We can offer special themed Christmas packages which include a red background and a festive props box too. We offer a variety of other themes too so if you have something in mind, get in touch.